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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 19, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am PDT

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tonight on "nightline," schlock and awe. the powerful murdoch family, whose power stretches from fox news to the london tabloid, is called to account, in a shocking media scandal. battle with the devil. are there demons inside you? this pastor says yes. >> so, if you're breathing, you've got them. >> we take you to his church, where he has a radical way of getting rid of the demons. he says it's super natural warfare. and, a cry for help. children starving. fafalies on the move. hundreds of thousands of displaced people. in a desperate corner of the world, we show you how you can help. from the global resources of
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abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," july 19th, 2011. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. they're the most powerful media family in the world. the murdoch clan. and all his professional life, the billionaire patriarch rupert has been asking the questions, not answering them. well, all that changed today, when he and his son and a top lieutenant were called before the british parliament to explain the criminal behavior of journalists at one of their tabloid papers. the murdochs have issued a public apology. but the public uproar continues. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: he's the godfather of a media syndicate that he runs like a family business. a $40 billion business that probably touches your life every day. are you a gleek?
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that's'swn fox, owned by news corp. "mr. popper's penguins," distributed by news corp. fox news channel, theirs, as well. so is "the wall street journal," "the new york post" and five of brit tape's most popular newspapers. rupe rupert's net worth is in the $7 billion range. and forbes list of most powerful people, he's number 13, right after the president of russia. today, the aging titan had a taste of humble pie. quite literal lir. a shaving cream pie stuffed in his face. the culprit, a british activist and comedian that goes by the name johnny marls. he compared him to homer simpson's evil boss mr. bushes. suffice to say, mr. burns had a very bad day. >> this is the most humble day of my life. >> reporter: and, for the rod, murdoch say that well before the pie incident.
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>> rupert murdoch called this the most humble day of his life. sound about right? >> i'm sure it was. i think this is -- i can't imagine anything being m me painful for him, more miliating for him. >> reporter: painful, you say? >> absolutely. this is the emperor without clothes. itit just, once you see it and everybody else seals it, it becomes very hard to ignore. >> reporter: today's hearing started as an effort to restore order in the middle of a scandal that's quickly become britain's answer to watergate. but this time, the bad guys are the newspaper men and women. hacking the phones not just of princes of the realm but also a 13-year-old murder victim, just to get a scoop. they allegedly did it with the help of corrupt police officers on the company payroll. already britain's top two policemen have resigned. now, the prime minister is in the cross hairs. david cameron is on the hot seat tomorrow. but today the focus was on the
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patriarch and his younger son, james. >> james and i would like to say how sorry we are for what has happened. >> reporter: both expressed regret. >> invading people's privacy by listening to their voicemail is wrong. paying police e ficers for information is wrong. >> it's a matter of great regret of mine, my father's and everyone at news corp. ration. >> reporter: they blamed news executives and reporters lower down the corp rate food chain. >> the people that i trusted to run it and then maybe the people they trusted. >> reporter: among murdoch's most trusted employees, his own children, who ran multimillion dollar chunks of the family business. today, murdoch rejected any suggestion he could resign. >> i think that, frankly, i'm the best person to clear this up. >> he has 55,000 employees
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worldwide. and "news of the world" represented 1% of his operation. he isn't in the ranks fiddling at low levels with reporters and how they got their information. >> if >>. >> reporter: if he didn't know, he's out of touch. if he did know, then he's lying. >> of course. exactly. >> reporter: which is more likely to you? >> that he did know. i have no doubt. >> reporter: michael wolf wrote the book, "the man who owns the news." inside the secret world of rupert murdoch. so, he was a hand on manager? >> deeply. this is what he lived for. this is what got him up in the morning. this is his joy. >> reporter: not tapping people's phones, but digging the dirt. splashing it in bold headlines on the front pages. >> it's almost a cliche. he has been -- he has been destroyed or humbled by exactly
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the culture that he's built. >> yeah, he's actually -- the camera's been turned. it's usually his papers and his media splashing the most sensationalist things on newsstands and on the movie screens worldwide and now it's him on the screen. >> reporter: to a man who rarely pulls his own punches, it must seem like the natural order of things has turned upside down. >> you are going nowhere, mr.! you stay right there. >> reporter: like the blockbuster movie fox studios will release in just a few wewes. question is, can rupert murdoch ever get back to the planet where he had so much power? i'm david wright for "nightline" in new york. >> thanks to david wright for that report on the murdoch saga. just ahead, are there demons inside you? we meet a controversial pastor who says he's got ways to expel
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it also neutralizes odors at their source, so your carpets are clean and fresh every step of the way. nothing revives carpets like resolve high traffic foam. don't just vacuum clean, resolve clean. >> announcer: "nightline" continues s om new york city with terry moran. >> reporter: demonic possession. the idea that evil spirits are the devil can move into human bodies, some how occupy us? it's not just the stuff of horror films. in fact, to hear the pastor we meet tonight tell it, we've all got our demons. a statement that might not sound so controversial until you see how he gets rid of them. i visited his congregation for our series, "beyond belief." at the agape bible fellowship in
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east aurora, an extraordinary ministry is taking place. >> our church service is pretty -- it's normal. we open a prayer, we sing pray songs. we open the world of god, most importantly. >> reporter: at first glance, that seems about right. on a recent saturday, we visited agape, and it seems like any other church in any other town. but the paper towels and shopping bags stacked neatly in the back of the room are a clue that something's different here. when they are brought out, it's a sign that the fireworks are about to begin. >> most of our services are just a normal baptist service. until we get to the end, whene tackle the believers. >> reporter: and when pastor john says tackles, he means it literally. agape bible church is a deliverance church where they say they expel demons through prayer.
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>> i find you. >> no! >> reporter: it begins quietly -- >> command every demon right now to look up to the third heaven. >> they leave through incessant yawns and sometimes they'll leave with pockets of air coming up, burps. or they leave with actual mucus. some of this is painful. it's -- just that demon having to leave under the authority and the power of the lord jesus christ. >> reporter: by 9:00, the room is filled with screams -- moans -- bodies. it is about as far as the catholic church's secretive right of exorcism than you can imagine. >> jesus healed and delivered. delivered from demons. and he healed. >> reporter: diane color says
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deliverance has changed her life. >> just comes right up. and it's such a cleansingng feeling. it is a relief. you know you're getting rid of these demons. it's just amazing what the lord can do to rid of these things in me. >> reporter: and if it looks a little offputting, pastor john says that's the point. >> people have to get over the hump of, this looks foolish. this looks like something -- i didn't do that at church last sunday. this looks weird. but god uses it, we find, to humble people. for them to finally admit that they may not know everything. and to before god be honest and say, i need help. >> reporter: for these believers, pastor john's deliverance ministry helps with everything from sins of the flesh -- >> drug addicts, drunkards. >> reporter: to the surrender to the aculture. >> i break any and all curses.
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>> reporter: to sicknesses. >> muscle spasms, restless legs. all the demons that are in the muscles. >> reporter: you talk about demons of cancer, demons of depression. isn't it more logical just to say, cancer comes from smoking. mu muscle spasms are muscle spasms. why demons? >> we have run into addiction spirits. spirits that are -- >> reporter: why are they spirits? why aren't they just -- i stuck heroin in my body and i'm addicted now. why is there a spirit involved? >> it's a great question. there are demons that will come into them because they're not in control anymore. they're having a buzz, they're not of sound mind. their soul some how is opened. i call it, terry, the barn door. the barn door goes -- it opens. and we don't know how many spirits come in. the devil wants us in bondage. >> reporter: for this pastor, the devil's doorways are
11:50 pm
discovered in all kinds of places. >> we have found demons that come in through tattoos. how many ever fooled around with a ouija board? martial arts is another open door. if you are breathing, you've got them. if you're not breathing, don't worry about it. everybody's got them. it's just a question of, how many do you got? >> reporter: everybody's got them, he says, including -- himself. well, tomorrow night, how young is too young for all this? we'll bring you the amazing story of an 8-year-old boy at the pastor's church who goes through a harrowing deliverance from what he believes are his demons. >> get off of me! >> reporter: we'll have that story and a lot more tomorrow, wednesday night, on our "primetime nightline" beyond belief special, battle with the
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resolve gives you a reason to celebrate. trust resolve. forget stains. we wanted to tell you about a humanitarian catastrophe you may not have heard of. east africa is in ththmiddle of the worst drought it's had in 60 years, and tomorrow the united nations plans to declare a famine in parts of somalia. this is also a region just ravaged by war and terrorism.
11:56 pm
so it's time to act. here's abc's lama hasan with our report, "a cry for help: disaster in the desert." >> reporter: saturday, 9:00 a.m. as we fly into a refugee camp in kenya the first thing that strikes us is its size. dadaab is less than a camp but a city, a vast complex of tents and makeshift huts. for the time being this perhaps is the world's capital of human misery. >> yes, you can get humanitarian aid into this part of the world. unless we can scale up our operations to meet the growing need, this crisis could turn into a catastrophe. and that's'shat we've got to stop. >> reporter: years of drought have devastated neighboring somalia and islamic terrorist groups have made it nearly impossible for international aid groups to get there. so the refugees trudge here on foot, 50 miles over the parched earth, with nothing but their ragged clothes. >> the people that are arriving are absolutely desperate. they haven't eaten for weeks. they've been traveling for a
11:57 pm
long, long time in very difficult situations. >> reporter: sunday, noon. you can see images of severe malnutrition 1,000 times on television. but nothing can prepare you for the real thing. a child lying lifeless in his mother's lap, barely able to move. another mother feeds her baby with milk through an iv. her daughter too weak to drink from a bottle. and this frail 2-year-old boy, farhan, so malnourished his mother had nearly given up on him. >> she thought her child had died. >> thought her child was ad. >> reporter: monday 9:00 a.m. there are new arrivals in the camp. abdullah jaraa set off on the grueling trek from somalia with his wife, mother, and four children 25 days ago. his wife did not make it. >> was she giving her food to her kids instead of eating it? >> translator: yes, she was giving to the children. >> reporter: as we talk, a doctor notices how malnourished his youngest son is.
11:58 pm
they rush him to the hospital, and he tries to feed him milk. is he e ing to be okay? >> he'll be okay. >> reporter: as we leave, the little boy is nestled in his grandmother's arms. he'll live to tomorrow. beyond that it's anyone's guess. tuesday 3:00 p.m. >> is she pregnant? >> yeah. >> is she about to give birth? >> yeah. >> so we need to go now? >> yeah. let's go. >> reporter: ambulance driver omar abdullah ali scours the camp in search of a pregnant woman in labor. but as we learn, actually locating the patient is much easier said than done. >> we've been driving for the past 20 minutes looking for a woman who is in labor and about to give birth. we can't find her because the spread out.big and the tents so this kind of thing happens all the time. >> reporter: as the search becomes an exercise in frustration -- we see what often
11:59 pm
happens when the ambulance doesn't come in time. >> she has no doctor. her husband wasn't around. she completely delivered on her own? >> yes. >> reporter: tuesday 5:00 p.m. we still haven't found the woman we'd been looking for. but in this place if one emererncy goes unanswered there's always another. by chance we come across another woman, nine months pregnant and in pain. we helped her into omar's ambulance. well, we tried to. she's one of the lucky ones. tonight, some medical care, a warm bed and a real meal. for the thousands of refugees who haven't made it herer yet, the long and unforgiving march still lies ahead. i'm lama hasan for "nightline" in dadaab refugee camp, kenya. >> thanks to lama fofothat. for information on how to help with that crisis go to thanor


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